Human Rights Watch’s executive director Kenneth Roth is anything but impartial when it comes to Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq. His obsession with Bashar Al-Assad and barrel bombs has been a running joke on twitter for years now. When it comes to ISIS, he has mixed feelings. He may criticize them for enslaving Yazidi girls and beheading Westerners but whenever they commit any atrocities in Syria, he has to always qualify his condemnation of them with something like “they are no worse than Assad”. Here is one of dozens of examples of this sort of thing:

Same thing in Iraq. He is always reminding us of the role that “Shia mistreatment of Sunnis played in the growth of ISIS”. Again there are dozens of examples of that but his most famous tweet in that regard was this:

One would think that Ken Roth would have learned some lessons from his hundreds of embarrassing tweets ranging from posting pictures of Gaza and claiming they are from Aleppo to justifying the bombing of Kunduz hospital in Afganistan by saying that Assad does it all the time. Apparently he hasn’t. He still shoots his mouth off with the stupidest statements. His latest comes after news broke that the ISIS suicide bombers responsible for killing dozens of people at Istanbul airport a few days ago were Muslim extremists from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In the tweet, he basically blames their radicalization on their repression by Russia. Here it is:

Here’s a compilation of some of the tweets reacting to the latest Ken Roth classic: